We run sewing and tailoring classes. There are separate classes for younger and older girls. And we now have four sewing machines so girls have the chance to develop their machine based skills .

We are also working to further women’s development and empowerment. From the start our aim has been to help the village women to stand on their own feet and to bring increased awareness concerning all aspects of their development. Our society still sees the woman as subservient to the man. Families consider a girl to be a burden on the family. We are trying to encourage people to reconsider this attitude and treat girls and boys with equal value.

At the time I was a child families were ruled by the man while the woman’s duty was to look after the family. But today things are changing. Now it is expected that both parents should work. If things are to go smoothly then women must come forward and do some outside work to contribute to the family income.

The question which arises from these changes In attitude is: Who will offer the training in work that will earn some money? To contribute a partial solution to this problem the Prabhatalloi Foundation has started a free tailoring and sewing class for the village women and girls.

In these classes we teach different types of cuttings and designs, how to make women’s clothing and all types of needle work. We have about seventy students from local villages who regularly attend our weekly, Saturday classes. There are three trained woman teachers. We supply all the raw materials and learning equipment. We now have four sewing machines, of which one is electric.

Our intention is that women should develop skills in this craft which they can use at home to earn extra money to use for themselves of their families. We can now offer work opportunities to women as they finish our courses. We provide them with raw materials and they make petticoats, blouses, dresses and women’s related products. We then take these items and sell them in the markets. It is very gratifying for all concerned to see their work being sold in the market and it bringing in real additional income.






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  • Monday, 8 December , 2014 at 10:15 pm

    This story brings me great joy…. I am so proud to be involved with the projects you have happening …. Woohoo!!!

  • Monday, 30 March , 2015 at 9:48 am

    I love this story and I love to see this empowerment of women and girls. I see so much progress here Shivanni, on your webpages….Amazing and SO inspiring!!!


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