We run a hostel which gives a home to children who have no parents, or only a single parent, and come from poor families. We provide all their basic needs in terms of food and clothing and make them feel part of our family. We also make provision for their education. While we are providing these things, we always try to make sure that the children do not loose contact with their home village and it has been pleasing to learn that they are now welcomed back whenever they return to their original homes for school holidays.


Rekha Mahato is our director and we have two house mothers to look after the children.










The Background

We built a hostel for poor, orphaned children where they could stay, continue their studies and build a future for themselves. Our first step was to acquire and repair an old house next door which was to become the hostel. At first we found it difficult to find children as people often questioned our intentions. But after some perseverance we got seven children with whom to start the hostel.

Now, after four years, people have great confidence in us and many more boys and girls want to come to live in our hostel. Unfortunately the number of places available is limited so we cannot take on everybody. Nonetheless we did take on another young boy, whose nickname is Bullet. He is ten and was being forced to work at a roadside cafe which serves long distance hauliers. There are now three girls and four boys:

1] Mousumi is studying in class VIII and has grown in to a young, grown up woman. She takes on much responsibility in looking after the other children.

2] Madhuri is also in class VIII and is learning dance and sewing.

3] Rupali is studying in class VII too. She has become an attractive, well turned out and intelligent young woman. She is also learning about dance, sewing and tailoring.

4] Mananjoy is a boy studying in class VII.

5] Joy is also studying in class VII

6] Doctor is studying in class V and is a fine natural gymnast

7] Bullet is studying in class V

8] Pashupati is studying in class VI

All the boys are learning Chhou, our traditional folk dance.

Besides our Director, Rekha Mahato, we also have two house mothers, Boudi and Aratis, who look after the children.






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