2016 September

In this posting to the blog we will show you how this year’s monsoon (Borsa) has transformed our landscape. We look to be having a successful rice harvest this year so Ma Manasa Puja will be especially happy this year. We are also running a campaign to attract more sponsors to support the new boys in the hostel.

But first of all, I can tell you that we now have a brand new car to use for our work.


Laura and Nick provided us with a 4×4 van. It will service the day to day requirements of the children in our hostels. However, we will install an oxygen supply and saline drip as well as modifying the seating to allow a stretcher,  so that it can serve as an emergency ambulance for all of the villagers. Having the transport will help us and improve things for many people, both at the school and in the village.

Monsoon was late this year but we got plenty of rain. Many aspects of daily life continued despite the wet conditions.

The landscape is transformed when the rains come.

Now that the heaviest rains have finished, we’ve started repairing the roads passing through the village.

Ma Manasa Puja is closely associated with the annual paddy harvest. Each year families sacrifice a duck to provide a special meal. In fact, eating the meat counteracts the worms that bore in through the farmers’ feet when they are working in the paddies.

Appropriately enough, we have also just observed Vishwakarma Puja, when we honour the God of engineering and give thanks for the machines that serve us.

Finally, we are looking for sponsors to help support the boys and girls who stay in our hostels. Here is a that pamphlet we will be using in our campaign.



Our best wishes and thanks to all of you for your support and interest.

Sanjay Kumar Mahato





One thought on “2016 September

  • Saturday, 24 September , 2016 at 2:21 pm

    I like to visit this page for awsome photogrphy….the villege is in lense is really beutifull…. Ambulance and stratutre is really good initiative… need of hour…carry on….lot to do..

    rgis small foundation is now an attraction for the people of purulia .. My auggesion is to start microfinance activities to genarate income and make people self employed… other than harvesting season people can genarate income…


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