New Boys Hostel 16th March 2015

The New Boys Hostel is Now Complete

Now Holi, the festival of colour is over, we would like to publish a special posting because our new Boys Hostel is finished. The original four plus seven more new boys have moved in to start living there this week.



You may already know that, about six or seven months ago, we began to build a new hostel to house the boys who have been living with us. About a year ago we had decided that we should build separate places for the boys and girls because they were becoming older. The boys have moved into the new hostel on the schools and the girls will use the existing rooms, which we are going to refurbish for them. We also built a new bathroom on for the boys on the school campus.


Picture of the beginning

Picture of complete room

Picture of boys bed, self

We have more space now so we were able to accept seven more boys to stay with us. There are now eleven under our care. We will also welcome two new young girls later in the year to stay in the original hostel. People in our area have heard good reports of the atmosphere at the school so we now get regular enquiries on behalf of children who are interested in living with us.

And it is true that we do now offer very good facilitates for the boys and girls to use. They have access to our computer centre every day and on Sundays the boys can participate in Chhou Dance training. Everyone can attend a formal computer training class. They have space to play cricket, football or badminton. Of course the  children are always under supervision but they also benefit from the variety of regular and interested visitors we get to the school.



We are very grateful to PAI in Australia and all the other individual friends who have supported Prabhatalloi Foundation here in India from their homes overseas. What you have contributed has not just created a building. It is also going to give a better future to the kids who stay with us.

All the children come from poor families. They have had problems at home. Some have a mother but no father, others have a father but no mother. A few have no parents at all or their parents are destitute. Whatever their previous circumstances, all the children have made friends with each other, linking up like flowers in a garland. They get everything from us and each other: food, shelter, friendship and guardianship.

Group photo of all the boys


We aim to give a direction to the kids’ lives. We give them a daily routine. They wash, tidy their room and have breakfast from 6 to 7 in the morning. They then go to school from 7:30 to 10:00. The five boys who are studying at the upper class level are preparing to go to high school. So they cycle to their school, which is near the high school.

After school these older boys go into Purulia town where they get private tuition. The others come home where we provide them with their own tutor each evening. They use either the library or the computer training room as a place for studying on their own.

In India the family and the home village are very important to people. So we aim to make sure the children do not lose touch with their roots. Before the original group of children had come to live with us they had often been seen as a problem by the other people in their villages. Now, because they are doing so well, they are very much welcomed when they go back on school holidays and festival days to visit their relatives and neighbours. This has been very pleasing to us and we hope that things will turn out the same for the new children.



Thanks again to you all

Sanjay Kumar Mahato

One thought on “New Boys Hostel 16th March 2015

  • Monday, 16 March , 2015 at 10:30 pm

    Thank you Tinku, Robert and all the team that have contributed.
    The finished building and the ongoing support being provided
    is very rewarding not just for the boys and girls but also for all the supporters who contribute both occasionally and regularly.

    A GREAT RESULT… !!!!!!!!!


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