16th February News

Sports Days at the School

As we have in each of the last five years, we celebrated a sports meet at our school. The kids were very excited and enjoyed it very much. It took place over two days, on the 6th and 7th February.



We had a 50 meter run,  a mathematics race, a ball passing contest, musical chairs and many other events. All the participants had a great time, including the teachers who had their own game of musical chairs.

Prizes Distribution

We distributed prizes afterwards. The kids who were winners were very proud and it was a day to be remembered for everybody.


2] Boys Hostel

Thanks to all my friends who have supported us so that we could finish the boys hostel. We finished on time and expect to start moving the boys over at the end of February. Now there will be eight places available so three new boys will begin staying with us.

We also built a new bathroom especially for the kids.

3]Chhou Dance performance at Ajodhya Hills

Our team were invited to perform  Chhou dance again at the main village in the Ajodhya Hills. Their audince was made up of distinguished guests from the Indian national Post Office. The Postmaster General and his wife are both very enthusiastic and knowledgable about Chhou dance and its traditions. They were again very pleased with the boys’ performance.


4]Computer Skills Class

We started our second, six-month session of this course at the beginning of February. The young people on the first course think that the certificate they receive is very helpful to them when they are looking for a job. In future we will also offer work experience to those students who want it.

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