News from Daber 23rd December


1]  Two women journalism students came from Kolkata with their parents to make a documentary film on Chhou dance. They stayed for two days with us in our guest house. They interviewed Robert, who did  his research on Chhou dance when he was at SOAS, and Kiritida, who is an expert on Bengali culture. We also arranged an interview with the famous Chhou guru Dhananjan Mahato who lives not too far away. They also interviewed Doktor, who stays in our Hostel, who is five years old and is already a very fine Chhou dancer.

They also talked to our students and made a film recording of them while they were practicing.

They were so happy with our hospitality that they promised to come again for another visit. They also like Facebook and have been making a lot of new “Friends” as a result of their Purulia visit.

2] Our Chhou team performed their dance for an episode in a serial made for the Indian national television channel Star Jalsa. They worked very well with the film crew. They didn’t seem  at all nervous and because they were able to be flexible the director could get what he needed. For our boys it was a really good experience. The members of the film crew enjoyed it too. Many of them asked the boys to pose for their own snapshots after the official filming had finished.

3] New Boys’ Hostel

The Hostel construction work is progressing very quickly. We plan to have ten beds inside for the boys. The kids are very much looking forward to staying in the new building.

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