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21st November 2014

Many of you will know already that for about two months the  Chhau teachers and musicians at our primary school have also been training some of the boys at the Central School near to our village. Chhau dance was completely new to these boys when they started. Having learned a lot in a very short time they bravely decided to travel to Nalanda in Bihar to participate in a competition being held there.

There were 20 boys plus the teachers, musicians and other PA Foundation staff in the party. They left Purulia Railway Station on the 13th of November and arrived the next day in Bihar. On the 15th they performed before a huge and enthusiastic crowd of well known and respected dignitaries, teachers, children and other members of the public.

Sixteen other teams from three States performed on the same stage. We are delighted to tell you that the Nabodaya School team came first in this competition. This means that they will now travel to Delhi for a national competition. If they also come first in this competition then they will be invited to go on a tour in Japan. So hats off to our teachers and the students at INV. This a proud day for them, for our teachers and musicians and for PA Foundation.



A new Boys Hostel

Prabhat Alloi Foundation began their children’s hostel with seven children, three girls and four boys. All of them are growing up very quickly now. At present we have two rooms, one for the boys and one for the girls. But now as they are growing older we need to give them more living space. Also, it sometimes happens that boys will enter the girls’ room without knocking, which is sometimes embarrassing to both the boys and the girls. This is just one example of the inevitable problems everyone faces as young people grow up.

For these reasons we are building a new, separate hostel for the boys next door to the library. We will make it large enough to accommodate more than four boys because other local boys have asked for accommodation. Things are too crowded in their own homes so it is difficult to study. The solution is that they can sleep at the new hostel but continue to eat their meals at home with their families. They will then have much more space to work on their studies at the library. We have started to buy the bricks and other materials we need and are actively seeking additional funding for this urgent project.


Preparing the Land for Onion and Potatoes

This year we had very much less rain than usual during the monsoon season and as a result our villagers’ harvests have been very poor. So we are doing our part by cultivating vegetables in the school garden in those parts where the soil is good. We tilled and prepared the soil and have now planted potatoes and onions.


Painting the Guest House

We are using the walls of the school buildings as a place to display traditional local paintings. The first step is to decorate the walls of the guest house..

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