Dabar News 1st October

Past, Present and Future with Prabhatalloi Foundation

In this posting we would like to pay tribute to our partners and well wishers. Four years ago Prabhatalloi Foundation started this journey thanks to the inspiration and helping hands of Tinku, who lives here in Dabar, and Shivanii, who is from Australia. We have experienced many good moments during this time, although of course we accept there will always be difficulties or bad news from time to time. But we have achieved a great deal and this is due to the support, blessings and good wishes of the many people who have traveled this journey with us.

Sometime it’s hard to bring back memories but fortunately we have kept many images which help us to remember. So we give thanks to our well wishers with a photographic history of where we have been, then and now, and after that something of our hopes and plans for the future

Building the Physical Infrastructure

Constructing the School Buildings, the Office & Medical Centre


The Land at the Beginning

Blessing the Land

Planting Trees and Vegetables

At the  beginning


The Pond and Drinking Water Provision

The Storm Damage and Reconstruction

The Classrooms at the Beginning




The Apex Library

At the  beginning


The Computer Training Campaign

At the Beginning


The Guest House

Some Special Moments
The Children in the Hostel growing up

At the  beginning


The Picnic at the River

Some other moments


Self Help Group

Medical Centre

At the  beginning


Tailoring Class

At the  beginning


Leprosy Village

Snake Village

The Future

From the beginning we have been trying to make the Foundation more and more self sufficient. We have several projects which do generate income, including the Prosthetics shop, Tailoring and Banking/Micro Finance. But these projects do not produce sufficient income to create a surplus.  And furthermore, any extra money earned after paying for raw materials is distributed in the form of workers payments, to pay for utilities and as rent for the office and shop. In any event the main purpose of these projects is one of social welfare. So we cannot and should not expect to earn substantial income from them. However, we are very pleased that they almost pay their way at present.

We have started to take on outsourcing work from other NGOs, local companies and individuals.  Because the aim of this work is primarily to earn funds for the Foundation, we will be taking a business approach to costing and pricing. Shanta, Chaina, Madhab and Mitu have finished training in Tally, which is the most widely used bookkeeping software in India. Starting next month, we will use this package for our own accounts. We will also start our first fee earning jobs for local organisations. There is substantial demand for people with skill in this field and we are very optimistic of continuing to find more fee paying customers and earning good income.

Our Chhau dance teachers are now also training boys at a new local boarding school, which gives them extra income, and the new young Chhau dancers are enjoying the classes and improving very quickly. And after four years, the boys training at our own Chhau Dance class have progressed very well and have now started to perform for the public. Their first performances have been very well received. To progress in the short term, however, we do need to find funds to buy their costumes. props and masks. In fact we already had to turn down two engagements to perform because we have not yet found the money for this. But Chhau Dance is very popular and there are regular opportunities to perform. We expect this to be a good income earner for the artists, the boys and Prabhatalloi Foundation.

Finally, as to the Computer Training Campaign, the classes are still well attended after the first two months. We now plan to offer some additional specialist training in bookkeeping software, word processing, excel and other packages depending on where the interests each individual student lie. There looks to be work and jobs available locally with companies here in Purulia  to the young people once they have completed this first six month session. When this happens it will be a day for celebration here, a big step forward, and we hope you too will be very proud.

3 thoughts on “Dabar News 1st October

  • Wednesday, 1 October , 2014 at 8:56 am

    A very positive and heartening report… Very encouraging
    to hear of the progress being made with various projects.
    Steady progress is ideal ( there never being enough funds to
    cover the wish list) however PA can be proud of all that is being achieved..

  • Wednesday, 1 October , 2014 at 9:41 pm

    A fantastic review, lovely to see the children growing up and all the other projects maturing (you must have better internet speed for all the pictures to upload!!) The accounting service is a new idea, great to hear you branching out into other services, thanks for the news

  • Tuesday, 7 October , 2014 at 2:39 am

    It’s useful to us that you commented on the internet speed. In fact it takes ages to upload the photographs, but obviously we think it’s worth the trouble. However, if it causes problems at the receiving end too then perhaps we’ll consider being more selective.



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