Dabar News 2nd August

 Computer Campaign

In our last blog I told you about our ideas for providing computer training to school leavers and other young people here. In rural villages they have much less access to computers than those who live in town and so are at a great disadvantage when trying to start out in a job. We found that our young people strongly believe such a course would help them.  We too very much believe that this training is important and that the students will have much better prospects, directly or indirectly, after they will have completed such a course. And we hope to provide this course with the continued help of all our friends, supporters and well wishers. We are calling this project our Computer Campaign.

Building the Physical Infrastructure

Of course funding is always an essential. We have applied for funding but we were really pressed for time and it was important to provide a course soon so as to cater for the great enthusiasm among the students.  So we had to reconsider what to do in the short term.

 Delivering and Installing the Equipment

Fortunately, Robert Lush, who is one of my best friends and who is staying here now, could also appreciate the enthusiasm and the energy of the villagers for this project. So he has donated five computers and the necessary funds to pay the salaries for the first six month course.  So we have today, 1st August, been able to begin this training course.

Registering the New Students

One reason Robert is here in West Bengal is to continue his recording and research into local culture and language, which is under threat due to development, deforestation and the influence of satellite media. It is very important that we now preserve as much as possible of our heritage. It will very soon be too late to record our past. He is also working with us to archive the great amount of material we have already recorded. He has offered to divert the funds he is providing for his research project to enable our Computer Campaign to make an early start.  Kudos to Robert!

But we still need to consider long term funding requirements. We need to focus on the money that will be required to pay ongoing salaries, maintenance and other running costs.

A Test Run to Make Sure Everything works
 Our First Day of Class!

And in fact today we ran our first class, which concentrated on theory. The practical sessions start next Tuesday. We have enrolled 63 students, 33 girls and 30 boys. Rather than write too much now, we will show you some of the photographs we took, which I hope speak for themselves. I hope you can see how excited we are about this project.

There is a lot of work to do over the next 6 months to ensure this course continues to be a success. But so far so good!
Many thanks to you all for your continuing support and interest!


3 thoughts on “Dabar News 2nd August

  • Saturday, 2 August , 2014 at 10:49 pm

    Yay!!!! This is VERY exciting!!! Good on you Robert for ensuring this could happen…
    Congratulations to ALL involved

  • Sunday, 3 August , 2014 at 12:31 am

    Hi Shanta and all the team there,

    It’s wonderful to hear of this great program that you have initiated and set up in response to the strong request from the young people there. What great support Robert is giving! Not only is he doing important work there with you through the self-funded research and preservation, but also in initially funding this community-driven project.

    I congratulate Robert on his generosity and dedication, and all of you on your willingness to listen to what the students are calling for, and your success in getting this started.

    Good luck with this project! I’m sure now that you have the equipment and the first six months guaranteed, you’ll be able to attract the funding you need to keep it going. There is certainly no shortage of enthusiasm! Well done, and may it be a long-standing success for building strength in your community! I’m happy that the students are getting this training, which will give them a big kick-start in future careers.


  • Sunday, 3 August , 2014 at 11:42 am

    Congratulations to you all! and well done! and yay to Robert!


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