Dabar News 7th July

This Post is to bring you up to date with what we have been doing up to 7th July 2014

1] Chhou Dance.
In May we were invited to take part in a Chhou workshop at Navodaya Central School. Boys from our own Sunday Chhou class were invited to perform along with some other very experience and accomplished groups. We were very proud of how our dancers performed. The boys very much expressed their hearts with the dance and some of their spectacular moves were met with spontaneous roars from both the children in the official audience and those in the unofficial audience which gathered on the roadside to watch and listen.

Navodaya is a boarding school for both boys and girls which was built not far from Village Dabar, off the main road into Purulia, just 2 years ago. The children attending the school come from many other Districts but the staff at the school believe it is important that they learn about the local culture in Purulia locale. The School have asked us to participate in their first annual Chhou Workshop starting on 1st August. Both boys and girls will be invited by the school to take part and the Workshop will go on for a full 15 days. We think such events can serve as a model for other big schools as to how they can help to keep this ancient art form alive.
2] Leprosy Village
We are needing to expand our services to the village because the Government has had to completely withdraw their support. Our medical staff made their regular bi-weekly visits to the leprosy village, where they check check blood pressure and distribute medicines. One man need a crutch this time so this was supplied from our Prosthetic Factory and fitted (for free). We also distribute bandages, dettols etc. as necessary. And we now have a diabetes diagnosis machine to use there and at the medical centre.


3] Tree Planting
This year we lost many trees. which were cut down and sold to make some short term income. Most people here do value the trees and appreciate their importance to the environment. But times are very hard just now. The recent high inflation has made staple food very expensive and the Government’s long term weather forcast predicts poor rainfall during this year’s monsoon, which will mean that the upcoming harvest will be poor and food and money will be even more in short supply next year. So people are forced to chop down the trees in order to make enough money to survive. Some very old trees which sheltered our school had to be cut down. To compensate for these sad losses our Foundation now plans to plant fifty new trees.

4] A Room to house the Computer Training for young people in the village.
We are still trying to arrange funding for this important project but in the meantime we can carry out work for the necessary infrastructure. We already had a large room on the school grounds set aside for the Prosthetic Factory but we now carry out this work in Purulia Town in the same building where our sewing units are located. We contemplate partitioning the room into two areas, one for storage and one for the computer courses. We will also put in furniture, additional power points for the computers and two additional windows for better ventilation.

5] Audit Work
We have been very busy finishing the audit details required of us for the previous financial year. We very much hope that the time we are now investing in learning the Tally accountancy software will make this job much less time consuming this year.


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