Project Goals for 2014

In this Post we’d like to tell you what our goals are for this year, 2014, and what we have achieved so far, up to June.  During this time there have been eight major new projects on the go!

1] Project Management Training for the Villagers.

Sponsored by Laura and Nick. The skills we developed are being put to good use. So the investment has already started to pay dividends and will continue to do so. For example, one result has been improvements to the road through the village. We cleaned it up and repaved the surface with the whole the village contributing both financially and in doing the work. We also managed the Government seed distribution programme. We as a community arranged the request, delivery and equitable distribution of seeds to be used this year’s harvest.





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2] Building a guest house for Pabhatalloi Foundation members, guests and other visitors.

Completed. This should be a real asset for us. We can  better accommodate our very welcome overseas guests and also offer a place to stay for our visiting dancers, artists and musicians.


3] Extending the Water Supply from the Guest House to the School.

Completed. We needed to drill a new bore well to supply filtered water to the guest house. So we decided to increase the capacity of the tank and extend the pipes so that the school children could also get good water.


girls water

4] Diabetes Testing Machine.

Completed. Rachel in Australia surprised us with a welcome donation which we used to buy this equipment for the medical centre. Thanks Rachel.

workshop 136

5] New Project: Improving the Water Quality in Dabar and surrounding villages.

Seeking funding. We will look at the ponds, wells and pumps the villagers use for their supply and improving the quality of this water at its source. We will then also consider how the water is stored and used once it has been carried into the home to see if any improvements can be made there. To have good water is so important to good health. Bad water causes health both directly and also indirectly by making people less resistant to other ailments.

6] New Project: A Local Ambulance Service

Seeking Funding. There is no ambulance service available to people in local villages, private or public. So when there is an accident or medical emergency people have to hope that someone is available who can bring them to hospital in Purulia town. Also, the people in local villages have never been able to use the main hospitals as outpatients. If we can get an ambulance we can both save lives and also obtain timely treatment for ailments before they become chronic.



 7] New Project: Computer Training Project.

Seeking funding. We want to start a regular series of six month courses,  aimed at our young people, which will give them the IT skills to compete in the job market. This proposal came from the young people themselves and to acquire these skills will be of lasting benefit to them.


8] New Project: Training in Computerized Accountancy Package

In the office our staff are learning how to use a computerized accountancy package called Tally. This will save a lot of time in preparing our Foundation accounts. Tally is very widely used by small and medium sized businesses in India and there is a shortage of people with experience in it. So we will try to get outsourcing work from local companies in order to bring in extra income to our Foundation.


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  • Tuesday, 1 July , 2014 at 6:14 pm

    Good to see all the work being done in social sector….I appreciate all who are involved and contributing to these projects in cash or kind. Great job done and my regards to all of your team…


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