2015 December Christmas

2015 December Christmas


Hello again.

In the month of December we haven’t traditionally held any major festivals so many people here in India have adopted Christmas as an additional opportunity for celebrations. After all, the period of British rule is part of our heritage. The British established the leprosy hospital here in Purulia and Christian missionaries founded English-medium schools which will still run today, now taught by Indian teachers.

At the end of November, the temperatures usually start to become very cold. Everybody has to start dressing more warmly. This year, in fact, winter came late for us so we hadn’t felt the change of seasons until now. However now, as always, many people have started suffering from fever, coughs and colds because of the change of weather.

So in this blog we’ll tell you about our distributing warm clothes to the children in our hostels. We’ll also tell you about the new planting in our school campus garden, about Elena from Spain and her campaign for a plastic-free village and about Jyoshna Latrobe organizing a Kirtan Music Festival and Competition that we plan to run here next April.

We have important news to tell you about our water projects. Our farmers are now using the water from the refurbished riverside pump system to plant additional crops. We have also just started construction work to create an irrigation hub and public water station on the Foundation’s land just across the road from the school campus. On the same land we’ll build a Community Hall to accommodate local events and ceremonies.

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