From the engine room

Robert, a rare sighting

Setting up this Blog is the first IT project that PA Foundation staff have taken on. As others have said, what a pleasure and indeed a privilege it is to work with them! This technology is new to all of us and so we could only get this far by drawing upon the goodwill that exists between us.

This will continue very much to be a team effort. My job is to set up or amend the basic structure when we need to. I will also proofread and edit the texts written for the Posts, which will be in English only for now, and pass on any new technical knowledge to the others as I learn it myself.

But managing the blog’s content will now be done by Foundation staff. They  will decide what to write about, compose and set up the Posts and respond to the Comments that come in.

Do send us your Comments, to receive them will help to make all the hard work of preparation and management worthwhile. At this time we would particularly welcome suggestions on how to improve the Blog for you.