2016 May


This is Robert, for a change, posting to our Blog. It’s our first since December, the reason being that over the last four months we have all been absorbed in completing three major projects. To remind you, they were:

1] Building a dining room and kitchen for the hostel boys

2] Extending the pipeline to pump water up from the river for irrigation and to replenish the communal ponds

3] On the land across from the school, building a public drinking water station and a Community Hall to cater for marriage ceremonies, funeral occasions and other events.

I’d like to tell you here about these new developments. They have already begun to improve things both for us in Dabar and also people living nearby. Read more

Looking back on August 2015

Looking back on August 2015

There has been a long gap since our previous Post but, at long last, here is one for August. A lot has been happening. August is always an important time for everyone here because it is when we concentrate on agricultural work. The monsoon blessed us with good rainfall this year so the farmers in our village are hoping for a good harvest. The rains just about filled the ponds, which are so important to us, both for daily life (for washing, bathing and cleaning) and also for Pujas, spiritual occasions and family events. In August each year we honour Ma Manasa Puja and celebrate Independence Day. In Dabar this year we also built a new dining hall, repaired the storm damage at the school and are doing what we can about the health problems that followed on from the previous months of drought.

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News 31st March 2015

First of all we would like to say how much we appreciate the recent blog published by Prabhatalloi Inc in Australia. We echo all their thanks and congratulations to you all.

Here in Purulia our summer hot season is fast arriving in its full intensity. Although it is now only just knocking at the door we can already see its effects everywhere, mainly because we had such poor rainfall in July in August.  Read more

2015 New Year’s Blog

2015 New Year’s Blog

First of all I would like wish a Happy New Year to all of our friends in India and abroad. And we at Prabhatalloi Foundation have been pleased to spend another year working hand in hand with Prabhatalloi Inc in Australia.

I would like to take this opportunity to look back over the year 2014, both to tell you what we have achieved and also about our disappointments. Read more